What is ALS?

There are long answers to this question on the Internet and in many medical articles. I deliberately do not want to repeat this content on my homepage. For me it is more about sharing my very personal experiences, ideas and visions for my life with ALS with you. So just a short summary of the ALS from me:

ALS = amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a chronic disease of the nervous system. The nerve cells are damaged in a way that they can no longer transmit the impulses from the brain to the muscles. As a result, you can no longer control your voluntary movements and the strength and mobility of the muscles is lost in the course of the disease.

This disease is progressive and currently incurable. With supportive therapies, illness-related symptoms (e.g. neck and shoulder tension) can be alleviated.

Drug treatment is used to protect nerve cells in order to prolong their function and to slow down their death. Other drugs are used to counteract individual symptoms.

The tactile perceptions, the consciousness and the intellectual abilities are often not impaired.

All information, suggestions and reports are intended for information only. They are based on personal experiences and are never a substitute for a doctor's visit.

You can find further information on the clinical picture here:

ALS Therapy Development Institut

ALS in your personal environment

In order to visualize the meaning / effect of the diagnosis in my personal environment, I asked people from my environment, family, relatives and friends to name terms that go through their heads in connection with my diagnosis of ALS.

This resulted in a collage with exciting statements and an interesting opportunity to compare how this moves the different groups.



yellow Dove




Family, my wife Daniela and my daughter Melissa (five years old at the time of the survey)



Relatives, parents, in-laws and sister

Close friends