There are no problems, only solutions

One of the greatest challenges turned out to be the increasing loss of independence and the related dependencies. What this means in detail and in order to be able to better understand the situations shown later, you may first have to consider the following starting points.

I received my first impression from my parents' house through my father. Even as a child I was able to observe from my father what it means to dedicate oneself to something with passion and to pursue it persistently, actively and with a view to the future. My father took over the family business from my grandfather during my primary school years and gradually led it into the modern age. This orientation towards the future was shaped by his visionary thinking. As a result, he repeatedly played a pioneering role in his industry. I was then able to experience these elements more intensively and more actively later during my professional activity in the family business. During this time I had learned: precise working, structured thinking and acting, being consistent, having and perceiving responsibility, looking ahead, thinking and acting in a solution-oriented manner and one of my guiding principles:

Mistakes are part of work, you can make them if you learn from them!

I was further influenced by my sporting activities. Towards the end of school, the newly emerging topic of school sport was taken up by my class teacher in the form of a project week were he introduced Volleyball. From this school sport time, 8 students - to which I belonged - emerged as talents. Our class teacher motivated us to register for a trial training session at BTV Aarau Volleyball. This first training session turned out to be very impressive, as we were dealing with an Egyptian coach who demanded everything from us right from the start. This was the beginning of an eventful time in the sports club, which left me with many impressions and experiences. From this time I took the skills: tenacity, perseverance, focus, teamwork, social responsibility and commitment, loyalty and another guiding principle:

Nothing is impossible - giving up is not an option!

Another imprint came from my time in military. Already in the first weeks of the recruiting school I realized that it was very difficult for me to complete tasks that seemed nonsensical to me or to carry them out in a way that I could not comprehend. As a result, my active actions resulted in reaching a position within the military in which I could take on more responsibility. This made my freedom for creativity and action much wider.

This basic attitude of taking responsibility and taking it on board was subsequently carried over to the sport and professional sectors. The resulting freedom is a basic need of my being.