This will give you a powerful burst of air at the end when you breathe in. The lungs should be inflated a little more. This is intended to keep the elasticity of the lungs slightly higher and thus make breathing easier.

  • 5 sets of 5 repetitions each


The Spirotiger is a training device for the respiratory muscles, which is primarily used by top athletes.

The muscles are trained to increase performance - strength, endurance, lung volume.

I tested it with a physical therapist who is specialized in breathing. It was very tiring - almost exhausting. The physiotherapist was not convinced of the benefit in relation to ALS. The possible benefit for breathing is small and the effort is large.

I didn't use it. I am convinced that with the Motomed I will achieve an equivalent training for breathing - with the movement training in addition.

However, I know someone who uses this out of conviction.