Care Giver Plan

The following information is based on the laws and regulations of Switzerland. If you live in an other country, you must clarify, if the following information applies to your local health laws.

In my opinion, the assistance model is a very good offer from the DI in order to be able to lead a self-determined life for as long as possible. This form of support enables an almost unchanged living situation at the beginning and subsequently a direct influence on the necessary adjustments.

With this model you run a small business and have to fulfill corresponding obligations. This brings with it a number of challenges, which without experience in a similar professional or private role, can quickly lead to you not being able to make any progress without professional support.

I am familiar with many elements from my professional and club activities and am no stranger to dealing with laws and regulations. That's why I decided to publish a "Guideline - Working with Assistance" on my homepage.

I will provide you with a complete data set with which the care giver plan should be ready to use.

The origin of the documents is declared and, in the case of third-party documents, the associated link is also listed.

The up-to-dateness of the documents must be checked. In my own forms, I have included a date reference where appropriate.

My official forms are from the canton of Aargau, other cantons may have a different form. The online portal for employer processing may also differ from that of other cantons.