Daily Living Aids

The following information is based on the laws and regulations of Switzerland. If you live in an other country, you must clarify, if the following information applies to your local health laws.

If you get the diagnosis and you are still working, it is recommended to continue working for a while. As long as you still are working, you have more benefits from the IV (Disability insurance - Swiss public insurance plan). As soon as you stopp working, the benefits of the IV are significantly lower. The benefits are even more limited as soon as you switch to the AHV (Swiss public old age insurance plan).

The topic of smart homes is getting more and more attention. This topic is not only interesting for new buildings, there are also many practical solutions for retrofitting in existing buildings.

This topic can also offer a lot of help in everyday life for people with ALS. In combination with other technical aids, a package can be put together that gives us a lot of independence.

Based on my personal experience, it is an advantage to deal with this topic right from the start. In this way, ideally, with the environmental control professional, which is covered by the IV, you can strive for a solution that can later be easily expanded to meet other needs or wishes, even for functions that are no longer covered by the IV. What has to be taken into account is that the IV collects all the equipment it finances, so it is the property of the IV and is made available on loan.

This automation can also be useful for all other residents. If you want to continue using this later, you would have to clarify with the IV in advance whether this device can be taken over with a financial contribution.

Below is what I have already implemented for myself.

  • Telephone

  • Voice control for electronic devices
  • Eye control for PC and mobile phone
  • Environment control (operation of doors, lights, blinds, etc.)
  • Photo and video
  • Electrical bed
  • Food intake

  • Housing remodeling

  • Everyday life (mobile ramps)
  • Vehicle conversion
  • Wheelchairs (trailers)
  • clothing
  • helpful apps (Eurokey)
  • Reading, TV, radio

There are an almost endless number of aids for everyday situations. In the first section there is a list of links to various resource supplier websites that I have found over time. Of course, there are many more and everyone decides for themselves which supplier is the right one.

I didn't look for any suppliers of medical aids outside of Switzerland and therefore didn't list them. You are welcome to send me relevant links for other countries and I can add them to the list.

Links for Daily Living Aids


The SAHB – your advisor and service provider for aids

As a Swiss company, we have specialized in products and accompanying services in the health and care sector since 2002.

We integrate – actively! We enable our customers to live more independent and autonomous lives.

Reha-Robotics is always looking for new, innovative ideas, products and developments that make daily life easier for people with disabilities.

Aid shop for all areas.


Running, standing, reaching, sitting – everyday things are no longer possible due to an accident, a stroke or a disease of the nervous system. – This is the moment our company comes into play.

Great Britain 

We offer a great range of clinical products.

Essential Aids Limited has been providing living aids and disability equipment to the NHS, Schools, Councils and general public for over 15 years in the UK.

Since opening in 2004 we have established an in-depth knowledge of the field through product testing, customer feedback and expert interaction.