HeadUp Collar

This neck brace was developed in England in collaboration with ALS patients. In comparison to other headrests/neck braces, the idea here was to achieve a comfortable fit and a look that would be as unnoticeable to the public as possible. This essentially consists of a comfortable black fabric that encloses the neck, as well as various plastic elements that can be individually arranged and adjusted.

Manufacturer link: HeadUp Collar

Personal conclusion:

My neck circumference is currently so large that even with the extension the ruff is a bit tight for me. The material feels comfortable and with the option to set an individual head position, everyone should find a suitable position. The plastic sticks can be heated and shaped with a hairdryer. In the instructions, this adjustment seems very simple, but for us at least, it required some patience and trial and error.

That's why I recommend making the adjustment in occupational therapy, where you have experience in adjusting aids.

If the neck muscles are weakened to the point where you can hardly or not move your head yourself, this seems to me to be a good solution. As long as the neck muscles are strong enough to actively move the head - like mine - it feels rather restrictive and the "constant" fight against resistance ultimately caused more fatigue than relief for me.