Physical therapy

As part of the MTT (individual, supervised group training), I was able to continue my sporting activities after I had to give up playing volleyball. So I was able to continue to stay fit. Since I was allowed to train in the fitness center beyond the MTT time, I was able to complete a comprehensive training. So I continued my training rhythm from volleyball and trained in the fitness center for 90-120 minutes twice a week.

When I was no longer able to work on strength training on the equipment somewhat independently and limited strength accordingly, I had to decide: What next?

A personal trainer didn't seem to make sense to me financially (MTT is covered by health insurance) but also in terms of benefits.

So I started physical therapy (covered by health insurance), again twice a week.

My goal of physiotherapy

My main concern is maintaining mobility. Moving the joints reduces the risk of the joints calcifying/stiffening. The stretching exercises maintain the suppleness of the muscles, fascia, ligaments and tissue - and also relieve tension.

This means that the arms and legs have a larger radius of action for longer.

With active movement sequences of the arms - supported by the therapist - coordination and impulses for the brain are supported. This is more of an ideological decision on my part, as the benefit from it is probably difficult to prove.

This has the following advantages for me:

  • Easier to get dressed, both independently and by others
  • Easier and more pleasant transfer
  • Easier and longer mobility thanks to less resistance from the body and fewer restrictions
  • Better body feeling and better posture
  • More safety when standing and walking (balance)
  • May reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps